Friday, 3 July 2009

Industrial Photography


Had a job on last week that’s a little different to my usual assignment.  It was to shoot some pics for one of our business magazines to accompany an article about a fabricators in Renfrew.  As I’m looking to expand into industrial photography I jumped at the chance :)

Unfortunately, the bosses didn’t want their pics taken (which was a shame as there’s tons of really great backgrounds for portraits there) but there were still plenty of pics to take.  They basically fabricate huge metal structures and so the working spaces are huge.  To get a decent pic of it I even donned a harness and got up in a ‘cherry picker’.  I used the 10-20 for the shot below but if I’d have been on the ground then I’d have far too much boring ground in the frame so the extra height worked really well.


One thing I found problematic was the lack of light.  Despite all those skylights it was actually pretty dark so I had to boost the ISO when up on the crane because the cage was vibrating too much to use the tripod effectively.  With my old D200 this would have caused a PP nightmare but the D300 handles noise much better.  I don’t usually worry about this as I rarely go above ISO 200 for interiors or portraits but it’s nice to know the high ISO performance is there when/if you need it!

I REALLY wanted to take some pics of the plasma cutter machine but the operator wasn’t available :/  Bummer.  So, here’s a few more pics that I quite liked…


Is the pic above too dark?  Looked ok on my photoshop but now looks a tad dark.  My calibrated screen is playing silly buggers atm.



Not sure why I like the hook pic, I just do :)

Supposed to be shooting some more pics at their Leith base sometime soon so I’ll blog up about that too if I get anything worthy! I’m definitely looking forward to doing some more of this stuff, hopefully with some portraits included too.  David Tejada look out….NOT!



  1. some cracking shots Ian, that one does look a tad dark but nothing to worry about :)

    love the one from the cherry picker, pity about the bosses not wanting portraits would have been brilliant in there

  2. They've worked out great - I do like the wide angle shot of the whole place - great shot. I also like the blue glow in the shot with the welder and helmet close up.

  3. I don't think that one is too dark. I can see enough detail in the shadow areas. I actualy quite like it that way. I feel its like a natural vingette that draws your attention to the worker, but still has all the detail to get a feel for the area.