Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Title has to be…..’A Bog post’


Had I used flash in these shots then the obvious title would have been ‘Flash in the pan’ *badumtish*!!

Had a very interesting shoot the other day for a client who is a very talented designer and now has her own company called
‘Four dots design’.    This was to document an earlier job that Kate had done at Tebay Service station south of Carlisle, which is more of a ‘hotel’ than a service station.

We had an early start (left the house at 5.30) to try and avoid the busy times since they didn’t really want to close the toilets off for us, which is fair enough.  Kate thought she was getting some funny looks standing outside the gents toilets, but you should have seen the looks I was getting loitering around inside with a camera and tripod :)

I had to set up the shot then wait for a space in the ‘traffic’!  Even though I was being careful I’ve had to clone out one or two poor guys whose reflections I had missed when taking the shots lol.

Anyway, the place was lovely (It’s not often I recommend toilets to people but if you’re passing!!) and I think we’ve got some really good portfolio shots.  Few more below.



For the shot above I had originally wanted the black top to be all dry but it was so busy there were always people washing their hands (thankfully) so there were spots of water everywhere.  So I had a cloth and kept running up and down manically in between hand washers trying to get it looking all glossy.  Unfortunately it’s still a tad streaky but it doesn’t show up in the pics unless you look quite closely.   I still like the reflections of the lights in it.


I’m still kicking myself for not using at least one flash somewhere so I could use the title ‘Flash in the pan’….next time :)


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