Thursday, 13 August 2009

Home Plus Scotland


We received Home Plus Scotland back from the printers today.  Our last couple of issues had a few colour problems so we were using a new printers.  You never quite know what you’re going to get back the first time but we were really impressed with the colour, clarity and sharpness of it.  I’m particularly chuffed because I had the cover this issue and a couple of house shoots, and also a wee feature on my blog, and it’s all come out looking fantastic.  If you’re passing a newsagents or a WH Smith you should definitely pick up a copy. 

I really think the magazine is going from strength to strength and it’s just looking so good now, very fresh design and a good balance between interesting features and product pages.  Also, next issue there will be an a5 lifestyle supplement called ‘ps…' bundled with it (as well as going out on it’s own for a month(ish) beforehand).  I’m going to be doing two fashion shoots, one studio and one on location so I’m really looking forward to it.  We have two great models lined up and the clothes etc have started coming in for it and I’ve picked up my grey background paper :)  I think it’ll be a really cool wee supplement.

Anyway, here’s a couple other tear sheets from this issue, this one is from the shoot with Lyken and I think the black really suits it,


The next is from the same shoot as the cover.  The colours are a bit subdued here but in the magazine it’s much more vibrant.  I think it’s to do with the pdf I made of it.


This one is from a house in Fife that we did.  Worked with a really good stylist (Ali McCulloch) on this one and she dressed up the table really well, it made all the difference.


Last but not least is the blog watch feature.  It’s now a regular feature we run and it’s a great idea by the editor to highlight different design type blogs.  This issue she wanted to highlight mine since it’s linked in with the magazine and the Home Plus Scotland website will be up soon too so I’ll be linking to that.  Took some persuading as there’s many many many better blogs out there but I’m still quite happy with how it came out, apart from the picture of the ugly bloke!


Anyway, if anyone wants a glossy mag to read I’d definitely recommend HPS and not just because I’m involved with it, I really do think it’s a great mag :)  I’ll blog up about the fashion shoots too, they’re coming up in the next few weeks.  Also going to try some new food shots for HPS which will be fun.  Oh and I have a wedding to shoot this weekend!

Ian :)

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  1. looking good ian, will definately need to pick myself up a copy.