Wednesday, 26 August 2009

ps… fashion!


I’ve been so busy processing wedding images last week that I’ve not really had time to update this blog for a bit so I thought I’d put up a wee post about a great fashion shoot we did on Monday. 

It was for a new ‘lifestyle’ supplement to go with Home Plus Scotland magazine called ‘ps…’  It’s the first time we’ve done anything like this and we didn’t want to go down the route of just requesting PR images because you see the same images floating around other publications so we decided to go and do our own shoots. 

However, the organising that goes into something like this is incredible and as we are producing Home Plus at the same time (as well as a few other mags!!) and because a couple of larger clothes chains let us down (you know who you are) we had to scale our plans back a bit.  BUT, Leah did an amazing job of sourcing some really beautiful clothes and I think we have some fantastic images. 


Have to say a huge thanks also to our model Stacey who was just brilliant, very natural and had so many different looks and poses she was so easy to work with (book her for your shoots now!"),  and to Jade our make-up artist who gave us some really beautiful looks to compliment the clothes, to Leah who was an excellent stylist and to Duncan, who owns the studio and also help out with lighting…(ahem)


For the studio lighting we used a grey seamless paper background, one softbox camera right as the key light and one softbox behind Stacey feathered off to the edge of the background to give a bit of a gradient effect.  We also had a slaved light underneath the key light through a brolly to get more light onto Stacey’s legs to show the tights and shoes up a bit more.

I was also shooting tethered to my laptop so everyone could see the images as they were shot, and looking at the laptop screen is such an improvement on looking at the back of the camera, it makes it easier to see how the lighting etc is working.

For the outdoors lighting I used one flash only through a 60x60 softbox, handheld by Leah.  It was such a bright day that we had to find some shade.  Going to post an example of using shade in another post :)

I don’t want to post loads of pics before the magazine comes out so I’ll only post two more which just so happen to be two of my faves (apart from the shot above of course!)



I love these shots, the one directly above was actually an outtake as I was taking ‘walking’ pictures and for some reason totally missed my framing on the last shot.  It’s not a great shot to show off the clothes but I still love it for Stacey’s expression, and the framing of the leaves just seems to work.  Although, I have to admit the leaves were quite a bit greener than they are here, I changed the green to a more autumnal colour to match the clothes, and the fact that this ‘ps…’ will be the Autumn/Winter edition :)  Anyway, this one might make a nice cover!

Really enjoyed this shoot and I think I’ll definitely look into doing some more fashion work.

Look out for ‘ps…’’ around Scotland as a free pick-up A5 mag end of next month, after that it’ll be bagged up with the next edition of HPS!

Ian :)

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  1. looks like it was a bucket load of fun Ian.

    The shot of Duncan is stunning, he's such a good model ;) lol

    love the bottom image, if you have some "non-outtakes" like that they will be absolutely awesome as i think that ones perfect the way it is and allows pleanty pspace for text etc.

    Great work.