Thursday, 10 December 2009

A lil something to whet the appetite!


I recently shot the food for the Jan/Feb edition of Home Plus Scotland magazine.  This is the second time Braehead Cook School have supplied the recipes for the mag and there’s another one coming up.  The first shoot at the school gave me some lighting and styling probs but this time I had added to my props kit and I was already aware of the lighting so it went great.  Also had Tom’s help this time round.  It’s always great to have someone else to bounce ideas around with.

I’m working on a food styling post which will be up shortly-ish.  Like any type of photography the styling can make or break a food shot.  Styling is an art form in itself and I’m no food stylist but I wanted to put up a post just showing what I think about when I take food shots.  However, as it’s late and that’s not ready for posting I thought I’d just share a few of  the shots from the shoot.

So here you go…







The all new Home Plus Scotland website will be up early next week with loads of back-dated content so once it’s up I’ll link to it so you can hopefully get the recipes for a lot of the food shots I’ve posted before.  Tom and I can confirm that the food is fantastic!

Ian :)


  1. The food is delicious :)

    it was a wonderful thing to be part of and i'd be very keen to do more of it too.

  2. Wow!! Wonderful photographs. Can't wait to see your post on food styling please write it soon. Thank you,
    Neel from

  3. Thanks guys, much appreciated :)
    And Tom, I'll tell you when the next one is arranged :)