Saturday, 6 February 2010

Healthy food!


Just a wee sneak peek at the latest shoot I did for the Home Plus Scotland magazine recipes.  The magazine will be on the shelves in a couple of weeks time and the recipes will be up on the website then too!

Sometimes it can take ages playing around with the lighting and the angle/composition etc, then other times it just works pretty much straight away.  Luckily, this was the latter.  I put up a small softbox to camera left and feathered it off to the back of the bagel which gave me the shot below…


I was pretty happy with this shot but I wanted a bit more light in the right of the frame but I knew I didn’t need to actually set another light up.  I always carry some white A4 paper in my kit to act as a quick reflector so that’s what I grabbed here.  It really worked on the bagel (top shot) as it gave it a bit of a glossy highlight so I used it for the Endamame beans below as well.

There’s a wee setup shot below to show where the paper was placed…


You can also see how the softbox wasn’t pointing straight at beans, it was feathered off to the side to soften the light a bit.

Here’s one of the actual shot of the beans…


I also had to take a photo of a smoothie for the magazine.  I had expected three but in the end was given one so the ideas I had for composition went out the window.  I had noticed that they had a really nice bar with spotlights above it.  I didn’t have too much time so I decided not to light this shot.  I wanted to place the drink under the spotlights and expose for them letting the ambient go dark with an out of focus background.  Problem was the ice on the top of the smoothie was blowing out so I had to move it behind the light slightly.  That shot looked like…


I quite liked this shot but the napkin is still a bit too hot.  I moved down the bar so I could get a better bokeh and exclude the bar pumps which might not have fitted into the tone of the recipes. The shot that’s been used in the magazine is this…


I’m quite happy with this shot, especially considering I didn’t have much time to set it up and my original plan went out the window.

Oh aye and here’s the picture of the chef, who was a thoroughly nice guy!


For this I had the softbox up high cam right (that’s not it in the frame btw, that’s a curtain) and a CTO gelled flash on the floor behind to give a nice warm light to the background.

Ian :)

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  1. very cool series of shots there ian, really like the set up shots and detailed lighting info :)