Friday, 16 April 2010

Yes, yes it's an update!

Well it's been far too long since I updated the blog. I've spent the last couple of months concentrating on the business side of things which is a necessary evil :) I've decided to post up a couple of tear sheets that relate back to recent posts just to tie these up really. Above is a Double Page Spread opener for a beautiful new build house feature that we shot at the end of last year. I love the picture and I think it worked really well as a DPS opener.

The next picture is from the last Braehead Food School shoot we did. It's the full page opener to a recipes section.

I'm currently planning some new blog posts so keep an eye out for updates :)
On a related note, does anyone have any recommendations for offline blog editors for the mac? Coming from windows live writer to the built in blogger editor is really rubbish :)


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