Wednesday, 15 April 2009

The Flashy Pad…


Whoops, a few very busy weeks have got in the way of the blog, tut tut.  Anyway, I had meant to post this as a wee follow up to my previous post.  The image above is one of those where I prefer the natural light blowing out the windows.  This is partly due to the view being a mix between a building site and views of a rival house builder’s development ;)  It’s also partly due to the cool looking lights in this room.  I liked the reflections I was getting but if I used a faster shutter speed to get the views outside in I lost the nice reflections and the warmth that the lamps gave the room.  You can see this in the pic below…


While the sky looks nice the room looks colder and not as inviting.  The lamps and main light are still on but the exposure is for the outside, while I have 2 flashes lighting the interior.  I also had problems with even coverage, partly due to the configuration of the room and partly due to the colour of the walls.  Had they been white then it would have been easier to get an even bounced light.  Still, I much prefered the natural light shot.

In the following pics I was faced with a brightly sunlit room on one side and a dark en-suite bathroom on the other. There were also bright ‘stripes’ across the bed and walls that burned out when I exposed for the room in general.  I used 2 flashes in opposite corners of the room so I could use a faster shutter speed and to stop the sunlight burning out detail in the  bed.  I then had to stick the vivitar 285 in the bathroom to bring it up to the same level.

First, 2 flashes behind the cam into the roof joints, and a balanced exposure to retain detail in the sun lit areas…


Then with a flash in the bathroom…


And finally a wee shot showing again how you can bring in the sky.  This one looks like a photoshop gradient but it isn’t, it’s just one exposure using 3 flashes…



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  1. Some fantastic work again Ian, really like the way this shows how things are done.