Thursday, 30 April 2009

I want that kitchen!


I did a house shoot for Home Plus Scotland (HPS) the other day and I couldn’t believe my luck when I saw the kitchen.  It was just so spacious and, like the rest of the house, beautiful!  This has to be one of my fave kitchens so far from all the ones I’ve snapped.

It was quite a bright day and so the sun has burned away some of the detail in the above shot.  The table in particular has suffered even though I was careful with the exposure so as not to nuke the floor.  Still, in an ideal world I would have had an extra hour (or ten!) to set up some flashes to light the interior.

However, I only had two hours to get round the whole house and so I didn’t really have time to set up flashes etc.  I’m still quite happy with the natural light though and as this is going into the Summer issue of HPS I thought a bit of bright sun would fit the bill nicely.

Here’s a couple more shots…


I was a bit worried about the top of the bath burning out but there’s actually plenty of detail left in it.  A great reason to always shoot RAW, there’s so much more detail left in the files even when you think it’s burned out.



This one looks quite nice in black & white but unfortunately black & white is quite hard to fit into an otherwise colour editorial layout.  I think you need to have a black & white theme in the article for it to work.  Strange really, but one black & white shot in an article full of colour shots just doesn’t look right to me.


Rather like this wee detail shot.  The owners like their animals and there were a couple of these beautiful brown leather chairs around so I thought this gave a nice ‘flavour’ of the house and its owners.

Had another shoot today in a really cool house but off on hols over the weekend so wont process the pics until next week.

Hope anyone reading this has a nice holiday weekend too.

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  1. nice shots Ian, really love the kitchen too and that bathtub looks just the thing i need this morning lol