Thursday, 15 October 2009

Cosima’s World….and some food!


With Home Plus Scotland magazine’s Nov/Dec issue hot off the press I thought I’d post up a few pics from one of the house shoots I have in this issue.  It’s one of my favourite shoots and It’s not so much a house shoot as a showcase for a very talented interior designer and ceramicist called Cosima…and this is her world :)

As you can see by the shot above we ended up with so many nice ‘detail’ shots that the editor Leah wanted to try a montage for the leader page.  I had the chance to design it with her which is always great but it’s always a double-edged sword when working on a design with your own pictures, but I think we’re both really chuffed with how it came out :)

Here’s a few more from the article…






Cosima’s portrait at her desk :)  The house was mostly shot with natural light but I wanted this shot to be quite bright to suit the pinks and blues of the room so I had to use a slightly longer shutter speed to almost blow the windows out (it was quite an overcast, dull and rainy day) and I used a softbox quite high to camera right to fill in the shadows and get the catchlights in Cosima’s eyes.  Really happy with this shot but I wish I’d kept a bit more detail in the desk!


Finally, here’s the food shots from Braehead Food School, well it’s the leader page for the food section…

HP Nov 09_food

Hope you liked the pics, as always Home Plus Scotland is always worth picking up :)


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  1. Beautiful candy for the eyes and imagination!