Sunday, 9 May 2010

Killer flick of light in killer kitchen!

This house didn't really qualify as a 'Flashy Pad' post since I used natural light for almost all the shots. However, I did use a flash on the shot above to give a little highlight to the really cool kitchen at the far end of the room. This room was great and the kitchen was awesome, but it did present a slight problem in terms of exposure.

The main problem was that the kitchen units were pretty dark, while in front of them was a bright white table and chairs right beside the sliding glass doors. Luckily the sun wasn't streaming in the kitchen directly (if it had I'd have had to light the whole kitchen to close to the ambient level) so I could expose how I wanted and add just the one flash to light up the kitchen. The flash is placed on the floor behind the middle chair. I tried bouncing the light off the chair to get a bit more even coverage but it just gave me horrible shadows everywhere so I stuck with some direct flash :) The 'killer flick' line is of course taken from the great Joe McNally :)

Below is the same shot without the flash...

It's not a bad shot by any means, but I think the details are important with this sort of thing and I think the flash highlights the kitchen which is the main feature of this room really.

I love the shot actually, I like the balance of having the green of the grass there to lift the colours, it really does this great room justice.

Below are a few other shots I liked, some from this house and some from a different house on the same day. Both had these great kitchen rooms and basically, I WANT THESE KITCHENS!

And lastly, here's a couple of details shots I really like. These houses (like most showhomes I'm lucky enough to shoot) had some really nice interior design which makes it a real pleasure when looking for some details shots...

Thanks for reading/looking

Ian :)

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