Thursday, 14 May 2009

Leah Parker Balls


We had a good food shoot at the Rutland, Edinburgh today. BUT as I’m feeling a bit rubbish tonight I’m not going to process any of the food shots just yet but I’ll put up a couple shortly!

However, we’ve been meaning to get a nice picture of our Editor Leah for some time and I was chuffed to see this on my screen as I was sorting the pics tonight. Leah stood in for the Chef so we could set up the shot while Ally skillfully held the light stand.

Leah will be starting her own blog soon so once it’s done I’ll link to it here. This is a possible photo for it but we might even do some more shots when we get time. Anyway, I’ve also processed a B&W version which I think looks just as strong.


Sorry Leah, couldn’t resist that title ;)


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