Thursday, 28 May 2009

Two Flash Environmental Portrait


Just a wee post tonight.  Thought I’d put up this portrait of a very accomplished chef we recently shot for our recipes feature at work.  We spotted this really cool glass walled wine store so we knew we had to try and use it somehow.

I lit this with two flashes.  One on the floor behind David pointing up with a blue gel on it (I hardly ever use coloured gels but I thought this needed something and I think it worked pretty well) and another camera left with a honl grid on it handheld by Ali who was a great assistant!

Here’s a pic of the setup shot.  I got the background how I wanted it first as I knew David was busy and I didn’t want to keep him too long.


Looking for locations is always the first thing I do when I arrive and I wish I was always as lucky as I was here finding this cool wee room.


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