Monday, 18 May 2009

Shiny cake board reflector thingy



Thought I’d through up this wee post about a great cheap reflector I use for food shots.  Ages ago I read about how some studio food photographers use small mirrors to bounce light into very specific areas.  Sounds like a bit of a nightmare to me but I can see the logic of having smaller reflectors for this sort of thing, so I always carry a shiny cake board in my kit bag :)

You can get these wee boards in Asda for under £1 and they come in all kinds of colours and sizes.  The shots above are from a recent location food shoot we did.  As usual we asked to use a table beside a big window.  Sometimes I don’t need a reflector if the weather is nice and cloudy and the window is big enough to give enough wrap around, but on this day it was quite bright so I just propped up my gold cake board reflector against a glass of water to camera right and it was enough to balance the exposure.

I’ll post the other food pics from the shoot at a later date and once Home Plus Scotland gets their new website up I’ll start posting links to the recipes too!


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