Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Macro for food!


Haven’t put a post up in a wee while so I thought I’d stick this one up.  It’s a shot from a recent food shoot and again it’s one where I used a reflector to camera right and window light camera left.  Thing I’d like to mention about this one is that I always take my Sigma 150 macro lens with me on food shoots.  I don’t always have time to use it on every shot but it works a treat on desserts and it lets you get something a little different.  Even though this shot has some blown out areas I still really like it, partly because of the composition but also because of the nice pinky pastel colour on the napkin in the background. The shot below was taken with the 50mm and is a more ‘standard’ shot.


Here’s another pic shot with the macro but this one is an older shot from my portfolio.  Being a macro lens it picks up all the crisp details in the food and also gives that nice shallow DoF look.  For most of my food shots I use the 50 f1.8 but there’s nothing like a good macro lens to really bring out the detail.



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  1. Great macro shot Ian, much prefer it to the 50mm one below. The 50 is a great lens (just bought one too!) but you can't beat the macro for that DOF!