Tuesday, 2 June 2009

A two and a one flash environmental portraits!


I had the pleasure of taking the pics for our ‘designer profile’ pages again and this time it was of a very talented design student.  I’ll post the layout once the magazine is in print with more details but we had quite a few cool locations to play around with.  The above picture was taken with some of Thom’s work and I used two flashes.  One was obviously camera right with a honl grid on to give me the harder light I was after, and another was slightly behind Thom on the right with a honl snoot.

The reason for this second flash was to give me a highlight on the picture which shows Thom’s cool light in a shop window, and also to give me some separation between Thom and the background.  Looking at it now I wish I’d raised it a tad higher but as a highlight I think it works ok.

Just outside the room above we had a really cool wee corridor.  It was actually the toilets but I couldn’t resist trying a shot because of the cool colours (I had to clone out a ‘gents’ sign on the door beside him though!).


I love the pools of light on the floor and the green light above.  I think I should have tried for a darker shot by using a faster shutter speed.  Since the corridor was so narrow this was a one light portrait, the flash had the honl grid on it again and was handheld camera right pointed at Thom’s face.

I really enjoy working on portraits like this.  So much so that I think I’m gonna have to save up for an 85 f1.4, the ultimate portrait lens imo :)



  1. some nice portraits there Ian, like the light in the second one best if i'm totally honest.

    The 85mm 1.4 would be outstanding, canon do an 85mm 1.2 but thats just too extreme :)

  2. Thanks Tom, I agree about the second one. They chose the first one for the feature though. Pity :)