Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Couldn’t resist it!


Had to take a snap of the cake I made with my mum and my son for his 4th birthday today!  Came out really well with mum’s improvised butter icing for the filling :)

Had too much direct reflection from the window behind and left of the cake but I still like this.  Couple more below.  Really going to try making some things soon specifically for practicing food shots at home.


And this last one has far too much direct reflection on the glossy icing.  It’s that glossy because it hasn’t set yet.  If this was in a studio or a commercial shoot I’d want some direct reflection to show the glossy quality of the icing but not as much as this.  Perhaps have a small strip softbox right behind the cake.


Also, I wouldn’t have used such an old wire tray :)
Larger versions here if anyone’s interested.


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