Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Artist focus!


Had a nice wee job to shoot a portrait of an artist for our regular artist feature today.  The weather was lovely but I didn’t have too much time so we opted for a quick picture at the piano backlit by the window.  I had a shoot through brolly camera right for this one.  Then we headed down to the studio which presented a bit of a challenge as it was a smaller room.  Still, I like the ‘lived-in’ look so I shot a wide angle shot…


For this shot I had a shoot through camera left at the side of the easel and another flash with a Honl grid on it pointed at the subject’s face.  The shoot through gave me a general feathered light on the paints on the table.  The shot didn’t work out exactly as I’d hoped for but I like it because it shows the environment quite well.  We only needed one shot so I think the editor will probably choose either the first one posted above or the one below


Once we get our new website up at work I’ll start linking to stories there when I blog about them, so I’ll be a bit light on details here for now.  Had a good shoot though and the subject was such a nice guy. 

It’s encouraging to meet so many successful people who are also really nice people.


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  1. Nice images Ian. I like the first of the two taken in the artist's studio best. I think capturing the surroundings really adds to the story told by the photograph.

    The relaxed portrait at the piano is rather appealing too.