Sunday, 21 June 2009

Father’s day… ok Beer & nuts!


Was playing around with a friend’s light tent and I thought I should post this in honour of Father’s day!  I’ve never really tried product photography before (apart from some food photog but that’s more from an editorial perspective) so I thought I’d try this bottle of beer before I downed it (it was lovely btw!).

The tent is one of those daft ones with the blue backing that curves down.  I mean I THINK it’s blue to make the background easy to select in PS so you can take it out because I can’t think of any other reason for a blue bg *shrug*.

Anyway, I had it sitting on top of the cooker with an SB600 to the left and an SB 26 to the right and, since I wasn’t using it the right way up because I didn’t want a stupid blue bg, some silver foil across the top to bounce a little light back in.  For the shot above I also had some silver foil behind the white at the back which bounced enough light back into the bottle to give it that nice light.  Without the foil in the back the liquid in the bottle looked alot darker.  It adds a nice glow to it.

There’s tons of probs with this image, like the clear plastic on the bottom doesn’t go anywhere near the edges of the image and the strip of light on the right is perhaps a bit bright and the background isn’t totally white but for a quick attempt I’m quite chuffed!

Here’s a couple more pics I took with just the pistachios…



Anyway, it’s a bit late now but hope any dads who read this had a nice father’s day!



  1. I love pistachios. This image has put me right in the mood for some.

    You've some excellent looking images here Ian - very nice.

  2. Thanks for stopping by Bruce, glad you liked my stuff :)