Friday, 16 April 2010


I had the pleasure of taking some pictures for the newly refurbished Lancers restaurant in Edinburgh a few days ago. It's a very modern, stylish place with friendly staff and amazing food. As usual we were a bit time limited having to take interior, food and portrait shots, so we had to move to different lighting for each. I'm really happy with how they came out so I thought I'd share some here :)

The shot above was taken with a softbox cam left balanced with the ambient spotlights for the background.
The food shots below were mainly taken with natural light behind and a flash off to cam right.

And here's a nice wee outtake which I really like...

Hope you like these, if so leave a comment :)
I'll be updating more frequently from now on so check back here or my twitter for updates.



  1. very nice ian, and glad to see an update too lol, really like the food stuff, assuming the macro lens?

  2. Thank Tom. Aye I used the macro lens on the food apart from the pickles, which was the 50mm at f2.5 :)